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Is Cigar City Brewing independent?

Cigar City, a leading independent brewery based in Tampa, Fla., has agreed to sell controlling interest to Boston-based private equity firm Fireman Capital Partners, which already owns majority stakes in Oskar Blues, Perrin Brewing and the Utah Brewers Cooperative outfit that includes the Wasatch and Squatters brands.

Who bought Cigar City Brewing?

Oskar Blues

What city is Cigar City?


Why is Tampa Cigar City?

Ybor City continued to grow and prosper through the 1920s, by which time its factories were producing almost half a billion hand-rolled cigars every year, giving Tampa the nickname of the “Cigar City”.

Who makes jai alai beer?

Jai Alai IPA | Cigar City Brewing | BeerAdvocate.

Is Cigar City Jai Alai gluten free?

Well, it gets better. Cigar City Brewing takes pride in all the ingredients that they use in their products. That means you can expect every beer to have high quality and innovative gluten and gluten-derived ingredients.

What does Ybor mean in English?

Ybor is a neighborhood within the city limits of Tampa, Florida, United States. … Ybor City itself was annexed by the city of Tampa in 1887. The “V.M.” in the name stands for “Vicente Martinez”, as in Vicente Martinez Ybor, the Spanish cigar manufacturer who founded Ybor City in 1885.

Where is jai alai beer brewed?

Jai Alai IPA – Cigar City Brewing – Craft Beer Born in Tampa, Florida.

Does Cigar City Brewing have food?

Spruce Street Taproom Food Menu – Cigar City Brewing.

Who was responsible for starting the successful cigar industry in Tampa?

Vicente Martinez-Ybor

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Why are there chickens in Ybor City?

After a fire decimated the tobacco industry in Key West, many of the Cuban immigrants made their way to Tampa’s Ybor City—and the chickens came too. “They used them for obviously, food, meat, and eggs, but also cockfighting and some as pets,” Breese explains.

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