How to rig a cigar minnow for trolling

How far behind the boat should I troll?

20 feet to 150 feet

How much line should you let out when trolling?

To get the lure back to its intended depth, you’ll have to let out another 25 feet of line.

How do you hook a snapper cigar minnow?

Often big snapper will come up well away from a boat and take the bait near the surface. 6) Use a squid pie. Push a cigar minnow inside a large squid. Then hook the squid and the cigar minnow by burying the hook up in the bait.27 мая 2009 г.

What is a knocker rig?

Knocker Rig

This is a popular rig for smaller snappers such as gray, red and yellowtail. The knocker rig is a good choice when fishing directly on top of reefs and close to wrecks, where the odds are high of a fish diving into the structure. With this rig, the fishing line is tied to a barrel swivel.

How do you thaw frozen bait?

put the bait in a bucket of salt water and let it defrost slowly. it always stays on the hook for me. but with spearing or anything frozen i dip them in a pail of table salt before i put them on the hook!

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