Who sang have a cigar

Who did the vocals on Have a Cigar?

Roy Harper

Who sang Welcome to the machine?

Pink Floyd

What key is have a cigar in?

This key can also be known as E minor. When it’s used as a minor key, the minor key note is stressed more than the major key note. The same notes and same chords still apply.

What tempo is a cigar?

117 Beats Per Minute

Who sang Great Gig in the Sky?

Pink Floyd

Who sings Pink Floyd?

Time (Pink Floyd song)”Time”Length3:33 (single edit) 6:52 (album version) 11:28 (album version combined with “The Great Gig in the Sky”)LabelHarvestComposer(s)Roger Waters (single edit) Pink Floyd (album version)Lyricist(s)Roger Waters

What is the machine about?

In efforts to construct perfect android killing machines in a war against China, UK scientists exceed their goal and create a sentient robot. Two artificial intelligence engineers come together as they work to create the first ever self-aware artificial intelligence.

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