How to draw a no smoking sign

What is the use of no smoking sign?

A no smoking sign in a place is a notice to say that smoking is forbidden in that place. Smoking is allowed in areas that do not display a no smoking sign. There are no smoking signs in all the no-smoking rooms. No smoking signs must be displayed prominently in restaurants and hotels.

What is the stop sign shape?

The familiar red octagonal shape of stop signs is now the standard in most of the world. Countries may use different languages, but that red octagon with a white border means the same thing in nearly all of them — stop.

What does no smoke mean?

The expression “no smoke” is slang meaning the opposition wants “no conflict” or “no beef.” Rappers have used “Smoke” in lyrics like; “I want all the smoke” or “You don’t want no smoke.”

How can you make your brain not smoke?

Answer: First, take out the box of cigarettes from the left pocket, then click and slide over cigarette to stop smoking. Just follow the walkthrough =) Brain Out All Answers –

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